Carpet Cleaning Process

Cleaning Steps

Carpet cleaning is what we do best. We clean both residential and commercial carpeting on a daily basis. We follow Dupont and 3M cleaning recommendations by using the hot-water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. This is the only process that both sanitizes the carpet and leaves no residue.  Depending upon your carpet needs here are the steps involved:

1. Pre-Inspection

We carefully check all areas to be cleaned to determine which areas will need the most attention. We are also attentive to any tears or lumps which should be repaired prior to cleaning.

2. Move Furniture (If needed)

A large amount of dust often accumulates under furniture when it is not moved for a while. Proper cleaning involves removing as much of that dust as possible. While it is generally not practical or necessary to move every item in the house, we regularly move couches, chairs, and tables.

3. Pre-Treat

For every spot there is a specific method to remove it. Spaghetti, glue, paint, crayon marks, wax, and coffee are all made from very different ingredients. Removal of these types of stains requires proper chemistry, not muscle. We identify and pre-treat spots whenever necessary.

4. Pre-Condition Treatment

The pre-conditioner is not just for highly soiled areas. The pre-conditioner is the actual cleaner used, like the detergent when washing your clothes, or the shampoo when you wash your hair. We used various types of pre-conditioner depending on the type of carpet fiber and soil conditions. We also use special pre-conditioners for those with chemical sensitivities.


5.  Extract & Rinse

We flush the carpet using extremely hot water, then extract several times to recover as much moisture as possible. We add a neutralizing agent to the water during the rinse to put the carpet at proper pH levels.


6. Post-spot treatment (If needed)

We often encounter spots that remain after the cleaning process. Sometimes the spots are under the surface and do not appear until after the fibers are relaxed from cleaning. We take the time to remove any remaining spots. Some spots cannot be cleaned, only repaired through color alteration. We can do this as well for an additional charge.

7. Protect furniture

Furniture with metal or wood bases must have a barrier between it and the carpet. The carpet can develop permanent stains and furniture bases could rust or become discolored.


8. Apply Carpet Protector (If desired)

Carpets have built-in stain protection because of a topical coating they receive after they are made. Because this coating wears off in time, we recommend that carpet protector be applied after each cleaning. You will notice a difference!